Michigan State is part of the Big 10. NCAA is supposed look after the student athletes, which includes the Big 10. Doctor is a serial molester who worked at Michigan State, who will probably spend the rest of his life jail and yet the NCAA has said nothing. What are they waiting for?

Still trying to get over this lunatic sorority bitch:
And why aren’t the other girls seen in the video being investigated as well?

Last night in West Orange, I saw a house decorated in Xmas lights that spelled out JESUS. All I could think was there was so many things wrong with that.

It’s like clockwork. I finish my yummy and healthy lunch of home made chicken soup and all I can think about is chocolate. Ow, a handful of M&Ms would be so nice right now.

I’ve decided that facebook needs a sarcasm font because some of my “friends” have forgotten that sarcasm is my first and favorite language.

Twitter changed their favorite icon from a star to a heart. Would be nice if they added a little devil icon for things you don’t like.

Some folks think it’s OK to start playing Xmas music on November 1st. I think those folks don’t really understand what Christmas is really about (and I’m Jewish for Christ’s sake).

I got so many spam emails tonight, had to shut off the comments section. Someone in China really likes IraSez.

So maybe I need to change the title of this page to the weekly sez, until I get this whole daily thing down.

In theory I should be posting to this page every day. In reality…not even close. May need to write about post about how bad I am at keeping up my own blog.

It’s 12:12 and Georgetown still sucks. Happy they brought Villanova with them.

For everyone filling out your NCAA tournament brackets, just remember the NCAA thinks there is no gambling on college sports. These are the same folks who took 8 years to investigate my alma mater and rained bull shit down upon us.

The original Iraism: There used to be 3 things that got me up before dawn – skiing, golf and sex. Now there’s only golf.

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