Aches, Pains and Pimples

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Aches, Pains and Pimples

When you are in your  60s, you expect the little aches and pains that come with growing older (although I still haven’t grown up!). That shoulder that’s been operated on and the knee that’s been operated on can sometimes predict the weather. Than there’s other little ache, pains, strains, pulls, generally soreness, etc, etc, courtesy of father time to remind you that “hey…you’re not as young as used to be.”

What you don’t expect in your 6os is pimples but for some reason my face hasn’t gotten the memo. Maybe it’s my boyish personality brought on by a serious case of Peter Pan complex but over the past month or so I’ve gotten a few pimples. Couple of whiteheads on my nose (one last night), another one on my chin and a real doozy on my upper lip that was the size of dime…well maybe 1/2 of the size of dime…and was real nasty with stuff oozing out of it.

All these pimples gave me flashbacks to the early 70s (the decade not an age range) and a Clearasil commercial with that oh so catchy song. Sing-along if you remember the tune:

I’m an acne pimple, as lonely as can be
Don’t cry pimple, I’ll keep you company
Hey fellow pimples, would three be a crowd
All together pimples, singing very loud!
Naaaaaa, na-na-na-naaaaaaaa!

At this point I’d take a few more pimples if my joints didn’t crack or ache or stiffen up and I didn’t need 3 Advil before and after a round of golf. A few more pimples to sleep through the night without having to go…well…you know and to be able to sleep ’til noon again. A few more pimples so that my body felt 18 again because in my mind, I still am.