More of what you are

Posted by: on Apr 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

Today on my facebook page, I commented on the lady whose lips reminded me of Bubba from Forest Gump, only she was white and blond.  Pretty sure her lips were not the ones she was born with.

Anyway, my Baker Hill Elementary School friend Nancy asked me if I was this entertaining when we were kids? Was I?  I have stated on more than one occasion that people don’t change all that much, you just become more of what you are.  What I think I have become is very observant of the world around me.  If I see something that makes me smile, laugh or get annoyed, I like to tell other people about it to see what they think. That’s what I really enjoy about facebook – I post things and people react.

I think I’m a little like Dudley Moore’s character in the movie Arthur.  I see or think of things that make me laugh and I just have to laugh.  Even if there is no one around to share the moment with me.  So here is my blog so I can share my thoughts with whoever cares to drop by.

Zeta Pitchfork

Posted by: on Apr 28, 2010 | 3 Comments

I had dinner last night with 8 of my Syracuse Zeta Psi fraternity brothers, a few of whom I have not seen in 25 years or so. I’m not one to wax philosophical but it always amazes me how time evaporates in these types of moments. It was like we just saw each other yesterday or that we see each other all the time. The memories, the drinking stories, tales of other brothers, the dirty songs, all of it comes rushing back.

So to the 8 (and what became 9) of you that where there last night and to my other brothers who could not make it, I salute you. It is with great pride that I tell you that you helped me become what I am today…the same obnoxious asshole I was in college.

Now what?

Posted by: on Apr 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

OK, so I finally have a forum for all my little observations on the world around us. The question is what to do with it and who should be the first victim. We will just have to wait and see.