Writer’s Block Daze

Posted by: on Jun 18, 2014 | One Comment

I’ve been staring at this screen for 5 minutes. Thinking about something to write as it’s been weeks since my last blog post.  There is so much going on all around the world and I have writers block. I’m just going to start typing and see what comes out.

I could be political and write about Iran….or is it Iraq. Could be both, I get them confused.  Maybe Bengazi or that guy Bergdahl.  Those sound almost the same. Well not really.  There’s that guy in Nigeria, Boko Haram. He sounds like a rock group from the 60s. Maybe some trippy rock music is what those guys need.

Sports. I could write something about the World Cup in Brazil. Look at how much money they wasted on building all those soccer (or should say football) stadiums that will hardly be used again. There’s one in the Amazon that cost $270,000,000, will be used for 4 games and I don’t even think it’s 100% finished. Only way in is by boat or plane. Not sure how practical that one is. The US won their first game and it’s looking good against Portugal on Sunday as that team is in disarray. Must be the water on the Iberian Peninsula as world #1 Spain has lost their first 2 games and is already eliminated from moving on to the “knock-out round.”  How many of you even knew it was called that.

Something in the world of entertainment. Game of Thrones! That would be a good topic. Talk about your dysfunctional families. How about those crazy Lannisters.  Freud would have field day with the mother complexes going on with those folks.  There’s murder, naked woman, witch craft, naked woman, wars, naked woman, a very creepy looking old dude in a tree, naked woman, the undead, thankfully no naked woman with those things, and poor Dany needs to go see How To Dragon Your Dragon Part 2 because she’s having all kinds of issues with her babies. Notice how I worked in a movie reference into that TV thing I have going on. Winter is coming but season 5 can’t come soon enough for those of us in love with all things Throne.

I could write about something deeply personal. Oh screw that. Who wants to hear me complain about my miserable existence. Oh that’s a big ass lie. Things are really all that miserable.

A cute blog about Cosmo and Shay would be nice. Now that Zach is home, we are back to being a 2 dog family. Often think about Ripley, my very first dog. Miss her, she was like a real person. And poor Cosmo has a torn ACL so we’ve had to curtail our long walks in the reservation. That sucks.

Would you look at that. I’ve actually managed to squeeze a few hundred words out of nothing.  And yada yada yada.