Use E-Z Way Parking at Newark Airport At Your Own Risk

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Use E-Z Way Parking at Newark Airport At Your Own Risk

Monday, September 28, 2015, just before 11 PM, our plane from LAX lands at Newark. At 11:09 PM, while walking through the terminal, I call E-Z Way Parking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to have them pick Linda and me up. I’m told to be at door 5 on level 2. The usual pick-up spot in on level 3 but I’m told it’s closed.

At 11:24 PM, still on level 2, I call again only to be told that I should be on level 1 as level 2 is closed…which it is not. The nasty woman (and I’m using all my restraint in just calling her nasty), hangs up on me. We go down to level 1 but still see traffic on level 2, so at 11:27 PM, I go back to level 2 (just to make sure), call Mrs. Nasty and her folks are being picked up on level 2 without issue, she mutters something about staying on level 1 and hangs up on me again.

Back down to level 1, it is now 11:32, no E-Z Way van in sight, so I call again. This time the bitchy woman (see, she’s gone from nasty to bitchy), calls the van and tells the driver “this crazy guy has called 14 times. When are you picking him up?” At 11:37 PM, we finally get picked up and brought to E-Z Way, where our car is waiting for us, which is a small miracle. I go inside the office (which is really just a piece of shit trailer) to pay the tab.  Mrs. Nasty Bitchy takes my credit card, hands me the receipt, puts the keys down on the counter and is generally the most unfriendly human being I have encountered all day…no make that all week….no, oh forget it. All the while, I say nothing. Totally, 100% mum to this nasty bitchy person….and it was killing me.

When I reach for the key to my car, Mrs. First Class Bitch on Wheels (note the progression), yells at me telling me that they have to bring out my car, which I know they do not. At this point, one of the Mr. Asshole Driver Dudes grabs my key just as I reach for it and I let nasty bitchy lady have it. Tell her she was nasty to me on the phone, hung up on me twice and that I waited nearly 1/2 hour to be picked up. At this point, Mr. Asshole Driver Dude, who looks like he escaped from prison about 2 or 3 hours earlier, gets all up in my face, and tells me to get out of the office and wait for my car. For a moment, I actually thought I was in danger of this guy getting violent with me.

Now my poor wife is outside the office/piece of shit trailer watching and listening the whole time. None too happily I must say. One of the other customers there, who witnessed part of this, looks at me and says “you never know who you are dealing with” just as the escaped convict walks past us into the lot, presumably to get my car, the only issue is I have no idea which car he’s getting as my car is about 25 feet from us. The only somewhat normal employee there, who happened to be the van driver who picked us up, comes out of the trailer and gives me my key. At this point, I’m so famished (think Yiddish, not hungry), I don’t even realize he has just handed me the key to my car. After a moment, I figure this whole thing out, get in the car and drive away, never to return.

On the car ride home, Linda is visibly upset, and I’m beside myself for:
1. Not calling the cops and having Mr. Asshole Convict Dude thrown back in jail.
2. Actually walking out of the trailer without really letting bitchy woman have it (which is probably a good thing in hindsight).
3. For not having some sort of incendiary device and torching the trailer with Mrs. Nasty Bitchy (and other words I’m not allowed to use) inside the damn thing! Having the convict in there would have been bonus and I don’t want to appear greedy.

Now, lest you think this is just me, here are some online reviews of EZ Way Parking that will be back me up on what a disgusting place of business this is:
Yelp –
Read their Google review –

And there are other stories similar to mine on other travel sites. If ever there was a business that should be shut down for treating their customers like shit, this is the place. Unfortunately, it’s probably the cheapest long term parking at Newark Airport and people will put up with crazy shit when it’s cheap…I know I did.

Here’s what I need everyone to do. First, never use E-Z Way. Second, if you know anyone who parks at Newark Airport, make sure they never use E-Z Way. Third, I don’t often ask this but please re-post this blog. I really want people to know about how I was treated and, in general, how lots of other folks have been treated at this place. These people are nasty, vile, disgusting human beings and should be put out of business. Because their prices are so cheap, I know that’s a pipe dream but I will sleep better knowing that I’m doing my part in making sure what happened to me, doesn’t happen to someone else.


  1. Ina B..
    September 30, 2015

    Instead of famished it’s “farmished’.

  2. Sharon
    October 1, 2015

    Please advise
    Yelp and Trip Advisor etc
    That way, it is sure to be published.

    • IraSez
      October 1, 2015

      Actually already posted on Yelp. Will do the same on Trip Advisor, where I am a frequent contributor. Thanks!

  3. Skip
    October 1, 2015


    Tweet this, I suspect the SU crowd will support your boycott. Which is quite a following. I will also retweet.

    PS. For years I use Parking Spot, Former Avistar, at McClellan Ave. I have never had a problem.

  4. Ed Guy
    October 2, 2015

    I gave up on all these “cheap parking” places years ago after many repeated bad experiences. In addition to the long wait times, they would not follow simple directions. My previous car had a rotary engine; I would tell them it was very important that the do not touch the accelerator while starting the car or it will flood. – I would leave a note in both English and Spanish on the wheel as a precaution as well. Inevitably, they flood the engine, but to top it off, rather than say “we have a problem” they would keep trying to start it until the battery was dead ( and the car was completely flooded) . I’m waiting an hour in the office for them to bring the car. ( of course, it’s typically 3 am) One time, to add insult to injury they charged me for an additional day because of their error. I’d estimate that based on my travel schedule over the last 10 years, Avistar+ lost in excess of $10k revenue…

    Now I either take a taxi or park in the short-term lot. The extra cost is small when compared to the time and energy lost with these guys. Once through security, I’m in my car in less than 5 minutes and home in another 15-20. Hard to beat that. – ( OK, your trip home is five minutes shorter. so you can beat that!)


    (PS, in case you’re thinking this was a Guardrail special of many years past – it was not – it was 2 or 3 year old Mazda)