A Journey’s End – Day 3

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A Journey’s End – Day 3

Such a proud grandpa!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

This day is a day of waiting, phone calls, and long walks. The only thing I can tell the people who call is the end could be tomorrow, could be next week. There was really no way to tell but in my heart I knew it was coming sooner rather than later.

When I look back on those last 5 days, this one really is the least memorable, if for no other reason than there is not much you can do when you are watching your father fade away. A few of my father’s friends call to see what his condition is. They want to come visit but my dad only wants to see Keith…another angel among us.

Let me tell you about Keith Walton. In 1996, at the age of 72, my dad “retired” from his position as senior partner at Weinick, Sanders & Co., CPAs. In August 1996, my parents cleaned at our home in Great Neck and move permanently to Hunters Run in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Dad’s retirement lasted all of about 4 months. At first, he threatened to rent in apartment back in Great Neck and go back to his old firm. Mom would have not of that…end of story. Through a friend in Florida, dad was introduced to Keith Walton, who had a small accounting firm in Boca and was looking for accountants to fill up his practice. Keith is true mensch in every sense of the word, despite not being a member of the tribe. I mean you don’t have to be Jewish to be a mensch. Not sure Keith was looking for 72 year old Jew from Brooklyn but they decided to give it a shot…and the rest is history.

On the day they met, my dad put on a suit and tie. As Keith is fond of saying, that would be the last time my father dressed in a suit for work! Dad told Keith that he had about 20 clients that he was still working with. Mostly personal taxes and estate working. Over the next couple of years, dad’s practice grew, he got his Florida CPA certification, and he became a fixture at Walton & Company. 20 clients became 40, 40 became 60 and so on.

Keith become my dad’s confidante, friend and savior, as I’m sure working at Walton & Company kept my dad active, alert and happy for over 20 year. That’s right, my dad worked into his 90s. His trust in Keith was so strong that Keith is the executor of my father’s estate.

Sometime around 5 PM that Sunday afternoon, Keith arrived at the house. This would be the last conversation my dad would have. Dad’s biggest concern was that the next day was April 15th – tax day – and he wanted to make sure that Keith had all the papers filed. An accountant to the very end.

My dad’s biggest worry was the next day was tax day. My biggest was that day is also Allie and Rebecca’s (who at the time was my future daughter-in-law but now is officially my daughter-in-law) birthdays. All I could think was “Dad, please don’t die tomorrow.”