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A Journey’s End – Day Two

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A Journey’s End – Day Two

Dad speaking at Zach’s Millburn Middle School American History Class

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The morning starts with a call from the attending physician. We review the state of my dad’s health, none of which is good. I call Carol with the update and I also call my sister Marsha, who have been traveling out of the country to give her the latest. Carol and I decide to move him back to his house and get hospice care at home…at least for now.

As I drive back to Wellington, I know that both of my father’s wishes from the day before are about to come true. He is coming home and he won’t be back returning to his wheel chair.

I arrive at the hospital, chat with the doctor, who informs that he has spoken to my dad about his current condition. I enter the room, grab his hand and tell him “Dad, I’m taking you home.”
Even though he knows the answer he asks my “Why?”
“You have fluid in your lungs and internally bleeding in your abdomen. I’m not going to let them poke you anymore or perform surgery” I reply through tear filled eyes.
He squeezes my hand and replies “It’s OK…can I have a drink now?
I smile and say “As soon as we get you home, I will hook you up to a bottle of Dewars!”
“Let’s go” he says and smiles at me.

The rest of day is pretty much a blur. I return back to the house in the early afternoon to wait for deliveries from hospice, including enough meds and supplies to last weeks…what a waste. Make phone calls, cancel my Monday flight home, go for a walk.

Early that evening, the ambulance arrives and my dad is wheeled into his bedroom. After Blanca makes him comfortable, I take care of his request….Dewar’s on the rocks, served with a straw. As he sips his first drink in weeks, he looks at me, smiles and says “Ooooooh!”

Although his speech is slurry, we chat a bit, he tells me not to worry, asks about Linda and the kids. He fades in and out of sleep, while watching the news.

Now it’s just a matter of time.