A Journey’s End – The Prelude

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Honeymoon Daze!

A Journey’s End – The Prelude

When I started IraSez, I referred to this blog as “keyboard therapy.” I realize that I write mostly for my own enjoyment, my own mental well-being, realizing that whatever I write, goes mostly unread. I also realize that I write WAY too infrequently, many times vowing to write more but almost always fail miserably As I often joke, when my mom died, I lost 1/2 my readers. As of late, I have been uninspired but I’m going to attempt to rectify that, starting today.

I’m now about to take on a grand experiment. Over the next 7 days, I’m going to chronicle the daily events that transpired one year ago this week, April 11th – 18th, 2019. The week I sat by father’s side and watched him pass from this earth.

I have thought about how to put down in words those 5 days that I spent with him but have been (quite frankly) too afraid of the tears that I knew would come and our welling as I write this. I have no idea who will read this and take this journey with me, and I’m not sure I care. As I said, this is keyboard therapy and today, the journey beings.

One year ago, Thursday April 11th, 2019: I’m home in New Jersey, while my father is in NuVista Rehabilitation Center in Wellington, Florida. He is 94 years old, and over the past few months, life has finally caught up with him. Pneumonia, fluid in his lungs (which was drained a couple of weeks earlier during my last trip to Florida), back issues.

As the day ends, I pack for what I think is going to be a long weekend in Florida – leaving Friday, returning home Monday morning – I wonder about what is to come.