Boston Herald Dazed and Confused

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Boston Herald Dazed and Confused


Take a look at that headline. Just look at it. Earlier this week, the editorial staff of the Boston Herald endorsed Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, for President. Here’s my question for those folks up there: What the f’ are you thinking?They called him “feisty but not mean spirited.” Not mean spirited? He’s a bully and a big one too.
They called him principled. That’s why all of his closest confidants are being indicted over the Bridgegate scandal because they have too cover his ass…which is a big one too.
They called him cooperative with the opposition in a mostly democratic state. Seriously, these folks are killing me.

I think a lot of folks will agree with me when I say the pickings are pretty slim this year when it comes to presidential candidates (our governor…not so slim). Who would want the job anyway? Our country is polarized, more so than any other time in our history. Cooperation between the rival parties? These idiots are worse than the Hatfields and the McCoys. It feels like never ever gets done, and when one party does something, the other guys just tears it down instead of coming up with ideas of their own. Don’t tell me what the other person did wrong, tell me what you are going to do right.

But I digress, back to Governor CC. Even if were to become the GOP nominee, he won’t even carry his own state. That should tell you something about how “cooperative” we think he is. Can he run on his economic record? I’m no expert but the folks who are think our state is in pretty sad shape, that’s why they keep downgrading our bond rating. Our transportation trust fund, which was 12.5 billion dollars in debt when he took office, well you can add another 3 billion to that number. Maybe the nice folks from Boston should come down here and drive around the roads in our state. You know, the roads filled with potholes and the bridges that are falling down because there’s no money to fix them.

He took a huge gamble on Atlantic City and lost, as it now appears that the state may have to come in and take control of AC. And did I mention the 40 billion dollar pension fund deficit our state is facing that he has done nothing about.

Dude, if you are so quick to place all the blame of the problems our country is facing at the feet of our President, than we in New Jersey should feel equally justified at placing all the problems our states faces at your feet….if you could see them. I know a lot of folks who were big Christie supporters 8 years ago when he first became governor. If they support him now, many of them don’t admit it publicly.

I’ll give the Governor his props. He’s had his daze in the sun, especially after Superstorm Sandy. But those daze are over, so nicely highlighted but how he handled last weeks storm along the Jersey shore. I’m sure there are more than a few folks who would like the Governor to stick a mop where the sun down shine.

As I have said oh so many times before and I will say so many times again, our government is broken. Somewhere along the line, the lunatic fringe (on both sides of the aisle) took over. If the Boston Herald thinks that the Governor of New Jersey is the answer, something must be blocking their view and I think I know just what it is.