Dear Right Wing Religious Types

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Dear Right Wing Religious Types

I have a question for you. What the fuck were (and are) you thinking? Oh, I’m sorry. Does the f word offend you? Well I guess the word hypocrisy will as well because you all are a bunch of religious hypocrites.

Let’s look at the facts. You, the religious right, were major backers of Trump during the republican primary season. So you picked a man who has been married 3 times and actually cheated on his first wife with the woman who would become his 2nd wife (I know, I saw it). I guess your idea of family values was the more families the merrier. No sanctity of marriage issues?

As for his 3rd wife, you, the religious right, talk about chastity and purity. How about nudity?

I guess y’all find no issue with the fact that our new first lady has many assets, all of which were on public display many times for the world to see.

You tout his success as a businessman. I (and many others) call bull shit! The world of Trump is littered with his businesses he has bankrupted, his own and other businesses; filled with businesses that he didn’t pay or just sued until they had no more money to pay their lawyers. Don’t believe me? Spend a week in and around Atlantic City, a place where he once had 4 casinos, all of which went bankrupt, and you will find many people who think Trump is a dirty word.

But what’s worse about this whole thing is that you still back him when the man has shown no piety at all; he shows no humility; and he has shown no ability to lead on many of the core values The Bible (the old or the new one – take your choice) teaches – feed the hungry, heal the sick, help those who are in need.

Those who are in need do not get food, do not get healthcare, do not get help from those who are more fortunate than they (the same ones who are getting those tax cuts). You know who gets his help? The rich, the top 1% who are now in-line for a tax cut, exactly what they don’t need.

You state to all of America that you are red, white and blue patriots but you support a man who infuriates our allies, snuggles up to a murdering tyrant, belittles his opponents and has done nothing to deserve your religious like devotion. You say you have faith and believe in a man who walked on water, yet you support a man who walks all over those less fortunate than he is. Now what would Jesus say about that?