Did they think they wouldn’t get caught?

Posted by: on May 1, 2010 | No Comments

Tiger got caught…I mean missed the cut yesterday. Aw, too bad. Who to run to, who to run to? So many choices, so much extra time.

I wonder, did Tiger, John, Mark, Jesse, Elliot, etc. honestly think they wouldn’t get caught?  And if they did, how stupid is that. Boys, I hate to tell you, you are (or were) public figures. An easy target for your mistresses, paid escorts, fans, constituents, the media and bloggers. Your egos (and other body parts) were writing checks you couldn’t cash.

One other thought before I board the plane to Florida. You know the one person who doesn’t complain when there hubbies plead sex addiction? The wives, at least not about their sex lives. I mean if the husbands are sex addicts, don’t you think the wives would be the first to know? Don’t you think one of them would come out and say “you know, I just couldn’t satisfy my man because he just needed so much sex!”  I haven’t heard that one yet.