Getting High at Mile High

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An actual mock-up of the possible entrance to Native Roots Field at Mile High Stadium.

Getting High at Mile High

I’m a big believer in the theory that “you can’t make this shit up.” The sporting goods chain Sports Authority has declared bankruptcy. Creates a small problem for the Denver Broncos who play at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Those naming rights sell for millions of dollars, so I’m sure the Broncos want to move fast in getting someone else to pony up the big dough.

Now remember, this is Colorado where marijuana is legal and has quickly become big business. Wouldn’t you know one of the first companies to enter the fray to buy the naming rights is Native Roots, one of the largest dispensaries in Colorado with 14 locations. Imagine this – Native Roots Field at Mile High Stadium.

Just think of the promotional possibilities at a stadium with a weed dispensary as its primary sponsor. You could have a bakery where the specialty of the house is Bronco Brownies or Colorado Cupcakes. How about sponsored moments during the game. You could have someone sponsor the How High Will This Punt Go. Instead of having a bobblehead doll promo you could have Bongle Head Day…get it (with an assist from roomie Dave on that one). Special extra slow motion instant replays on the jumbotrons because everything will kind of be moving in slo-mo for a whole bunch of people at the game. Instead of half-time you could call it the Mid-Game Munchies Moment. Makes me hungry just thinking about.

Of course, having a weed dispensary (legal or not) does create a problem for the NFL. Just another hypocritical issue for them to deal with. If marijuana use is legal in the state of Colorado, then shouldn’t Broncos players be allowed to use it? Is the NFL above the law? They certainly seem to think so most of the time. After all, this is a bunch of rich guys who for years denied the fact that having your head pummeled 60-70 times a game had no lasting repercussions…or concussions. Maybe some doctors should examine the owner’s brains…if they could only find them.

Getting back to the point of all this, I guess we just have to sit back and see how this plays out. In the meantime, I suggest you relax, take a big hit of a fatty, at which point you will realize you really couldn’t give a shit about what they call the place just as long as they don’t raise the prices on the munchies.