Holey Jeanetics

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Holey Jeanetics

There are certain fashion trends that I never quite understand. Capri pants for man…no thanks. I don’t walk that lightly in my shoes. Those balloon pants that MC Hammer used to wear in the 80s. What was that all about? Woman wearing Uggs boots with a short skirt in the dead of summer. Your feet sweat but your ass stays cool. Go with that if it works for you.

And now we have jeans that come pre-ripped. Seriously? It’s $30 for the jeans plus another $200 for someone to rip the holes in them. To me, these jeans represent the epitome of laziness, of not having the work ethic to wear out your jeans on your own to create your own holes, your own rips. Just another example of what is wrong with some people today. They want the road of life to be completely smooth, with no obstacles in their way, no lessons to be learned.

Listen, I’m all for worn out jeans with lots of holes. Somewhere in my house is a pair of circa 1980 Smith’s overalls that are being held together with patches and thread. In college, I wore those overalls all the time. Wore them so much, I wore them out. Everytime a hole appeared, they got patched. Patched with material from other jeans, patched with bandanas, if I could have I would have patched them with bong water because that’s pretty much what they smelled like. I think I could probably still fit in them but they last time those babies saw the light of day was as a scarecrow for Halloween over 20 years ago.

I think these ripped jeans are a metaphor for how you live your life. Do you want someone to do all the work for you and learn nothing all the way? Or do you want to experience life by wearing out your own jeans and learn the lessons your jeans have to teach you. It’s time we take back our jeans and create our own rips, our own holes. Unless of course you’d rather spend your life in the shallow end of the jean pool.