I’m Not Agreeing with Donald Trump But

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What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m Not Agreeing with Donald Trump But…

…he’s not entirely wrong when it comes to the Bushes. Last week The Donald correctly pointed out that the World Trade Center attack occurred during the Presidency of George W. Bush. Score 1 point for The Donald.

If you watch the interview, you certainly get the feeling that The Donald is laying the blame squarely at the feet of President Bush. Not so sure if I’d go that far.  He was our President, he does have to share in the blame but there is and was plenty of blame to go around on the events of that day. Deduct 1/2 point from The Donald for bad form.

OK, now let’s forget about The Donald entirely for now (and you sometimes have to wish we all could) and let’s move ahead to the possible coming of the next Bush presidency…Jeb!  And if you have seen his latest ads and PR, it is Jeb! with an exclamation point. Nothing like a well placed ! or maybe !! to get the crowd behind you and to let your followers know that you mean business!!!

Now let’s get to the picture above. Take a good look at the message and the image. As Jeb! seems to be very fond of saying, “When it comes to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure. He kept us safe.” Forgetting about the wars, the deaths, the wounded, the victims of post traumatic stress syndrome, the trillions of dollars spent waging wars over the past 14 years, etc., etc, that can all be credited to Jeb!’s brother keeping us “safe,” who is the idiot in the Jeb! campaign that decided to use this image with that message? I can’t speak for anyone else in America, but I have never felt as unsafe in our country as I did that day and seeing that image, or any image of that day, still makes me feel unsafe. The fact that Jeb! and his people are using an image of his brother standing atop what is essentially a mass grave and extolling his virtues as the leader who “kept us safe,” is a bit whack if you ask me.

Now you know what I think is wrong with that picture. As for what’s wrong with The Donald, Jeb! and all the other folks running for President at the moment, it’s not about the !!!!s it’s all about the ?????s.