IraSez the winner is…

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It’s Academy Award season, so it’s time for the 1st Annual IraSez Oscar predictions. In the old days, Linda and I would actually see every movie nominated and every movie where the actors and actresses were nominated for their performance, including supporting roles. The last time we pulled that feat off was probably 2001 when we made sure to see “Pollock” the weekend before the Oscars as Ed Harris and Marcia Gay Harden were both nominated.  Good thing as Harden won for best supporting actress.

This year, we’ve actually seen 9 of 10 movies nominated (missed 127 Hours)  and many of the performers. In my opinion (which is the only one that counts right now) there were several good movies and performances this year.  My favorite movie of the year was True Grit and that would get my vote (if I had one). Liked the original but loved this one. However, for Best Picture I’m going with The King’s Speech which was an excellent film.

Moving on to Best Actor I don’t think there’s any doubt that Colin Firth is going to win the Best Actor Award, which would be my choice as well. Didn’t see Javier Bardem in Bitiful or James Franco in 127 Hours but Firth was outstanding.

In the Best Actress category, again I saw 3 of the 5, missing Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. Really liked Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone but my personal pick and predicted winner is Natalie Portman, if for no other reason than that really hot lesbian scene with Mila Kunis…just kidding. Don’t get me wrong, that scene was oh so hot but Natalie would win even without it (but no guys would have gone to see the movie if they had heard about that scene beforehand).

For Best Supporting Actor I’m 5 for 5, having seen all of the nominated performances.  This is really strong category and I could easily see 4 out of the 5 taking this one (sorry Mark Ruffalo fans) but my pick and prediction is Christian Bale with a slight edge over Geoffrey Rush.  Both were outstanding but Bale’s metamorphosis is just incredible.

In the Best Supporting Actress category, I only missed Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of her or the movie. My major issue with this category is that it includes Hailee (my uncle is Body by Jake) Steinfeld. I thought she was awesome and she should have been nominated for Best Actress. She’s on screen for the whole movie and basically carries the story. There’s nothing supporting about her role and she would be my pick. Now, this category has been known to come up with the occasional surprise (hello Kim Basinger) and the prevailing opinion is that Melissa Leo is going to win this one but I’m thinking young Miss Steinfeld pulls off the upset so I’m sticking with my personal fav and giving her the nod.

As for all the other categories, who cares. Well maybe people do care but when you go to see a nominated film or rent it or watch them on the tube, it’s not like you’re thinking “I really want to see the movie that won the Oscar for best sound effects editing.”  My only hope is that the damn show is over by midnight, that there are no stupid dances routines that look more like performance art and that when Natalie wins, Mila is there to give her a happy ending.