Manboobs Daze

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Manboobs Daze

Last week I was taking a walk around the reservoir in South Mountain Reservation. As winter has yet to arrive in the northeast, there were folks out dressed for a loverly spring day, which is exactly what it felt like.

During my walk, I came across a young couple. I couldn’t tell you what the woman was wearing or what she looked like, but I can tell you that dude has serious manboobs!  As matter of fact, I’d put money down that his boobs were bigger than hers. There is something is oh so wrong with that.

I can understand about a man getting boobs later in life. Honestly, one of the major reasons I go to the gym is just so I don’t get saggy pecs, which will turn into manboobs (which reminds me that I really need to get back to the gym more than a couple of times a month). But if you are in your a guy 20s or 30s, there is no excuse for saggy breasts.

For those of that are fans of Seinfeld, this was a topic that was well covered in the episode “The Doorman.” It’s the where Kramer discovers that George’s father (played by Jerry Stiller) has a serious manboob issue. Kramer goes on to develop “the bro” or the “manssiere.” Whatever you want to call, it was not the worst idea Kramer ever came up with.

I understand there are all kinds of reasons that people are overweight. But if you are relatively young, are in good enough shape to get out for a good walk, and your breasts are starting to point south, well maybe you’re a bigger boob than they are.