One Hit Wonders

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One Hit Wonders

“Hey kid rock and roll,
Rock on…oooh my soul.”

So goes the song Rock On by David Essex in a Victoria’s Secret commercial that is currently on air. I’m sure the folks at Victoria’s Secret want you concentrating on the model, her voluptuous cleavage and the bra holding those things up. They are very nice but there are two other things I think about when I see that commercial:  Jane Russell in those “cross your heart” bra commercials from the 60s, where she wore her bra over a turtleneck (we were such prudes back then) or you only saw the bra on a mannequin.The other thing is that song, a one hit wonder. Such a great song but for David Essex, that was all she wrote, and the music world is littered with songs and artists just like this one.

Tom Hanks wrote, directed and starred in That Thing You Do, a movie all about one hit wonders. I’ve got a few one hit wonders that I’m particularly fond of and that have made it into my iTunes library, which I’m going to share with you now.

How Long by Ace
Couple of interesting tidbits about this song, which was released in 1974. The lead singer was Paul Carrack, who want onto to be a part of Squeeze, where he sang lead on “Tempted.” After Squeeze, he was one of the lead singers for Mike and the Mechanics, best known for “Silent Running” and “The Living Years.” Although Ace was a one hit wonder, Paul Carrack was not…and neither was the song. Rod Stewart covered the sang in 1981, and had some mild success with it.

Dancing in the Moonlight
“We get in on most every night, when the moon is so big and bright.”
Oh yes, a standard of the bar mitzvah year back in 1973. Performed by King Harvest, the group and their members were never really heard from again.

My personal favorite one hit wonder by the Jersey Shore band Looking Glass.  Great song that told a great story. Unfortunately, Looking Glass was never heard from again.

If you’ve got a favorite one hit wonder or two, I’d love for you to share them.  Unlike most one hit wonders, I would like to hear from you again.

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  1. Donna Higier
    March 30, 2015

    play that funky music by wild cherry
    One toke over the line by brewer and Shipley