Show Some Respect

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Show Some Respect

This past weekend, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. I don’t think it took more than a few nanoseconds before both sides of the political lunatic fringe used this opportunity to use this moment to serve their own cause. Holy Shit America….you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Love him or hate him, and he was lightning rod who evoked very strong emotions, Justice Scalia sat on the highest court in our country. He deserves some respect before his name is dragged into the gutter that has become American politics.

On the left, you have all those folks who would love nothing more than to see the Supreme Court get a new justice to tip the scales in their favor. They are already pushing their agenda, urging the President to jump right in and nominate the next Justice.

On the right, you have Mitch, Ted and the Old Boys Network vowing to do what they do best – obstruct, obstruct and obstruct. Took Ted all of about 30 seconds to find his new rallying cry to enhance his brand. As for Mr. McConnell, don’t get me started. His idea of leadership has been to stop anything and everything our elected President has tried to accomplish, and has openly stated that’s his sole purpose in life. Bravo Mitch, you’ve shown great leadership for our country the past 7+ years.

But here’s the big question for the Republicans, who are pledging to fight any nominations that President Obama puts forth. What if you don’t win the next White House election? What if Bernie wins? Oh snap…imagine that. A liberal, social, atheist, Jew (yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense but stay with me), who is currently an independent with no ties to big business and doesn’t have a PAC to piss in. What are you going to do then Ted? Spend the rest of your political career blowing hot air in one big filibuster? I don’t doubt you could do it but what purpose would that serve? Oh wait…I forgot…it’s Ted Cruz we are talking about.

Now that I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite, I need to get back to my point. They want to make it about politics, fine. You want to make it about your own interpretation of the Constitution, that’s fine too. You want to site historical references as to when Judge Scalia himself was nominated and appointed, go ahead. But I don’t understand why you couldn’t wait a few days to show the man some respect. Love him, hate him, Justice Scalia at least deserves that.