The Hardest Thing A Parent Has To Do

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The Hardest Thing A Parent Has To Do

My mother always said the hardest thing a parent had to do was bury their own child. Unfortunately, a few hours ago we found out that Allie’s sorority sister and roommate from senior year at Syracuse passed away from an apparent overdose. So sad to find out that a life was taken so young. Now her parents are left wondering why, what they could have done, and they have to put the pieces of their lives back together.

After college Allie and Annie did not remain close, but there is always a special bond between college roommates (and I oughta know). I know that Allie is feeling her loss very deeply, and even though it has been 4 years since we last saw Annie, Linda and I are feeling a deep sense of loss. What parent wouldn’t. Annie was a big part of our daughter’s life, her college experience. But more than that, she was Allie’s friend, and when you are 26 you should not be touched by death in this manner.

For me, Annie’s death brings back memories of the times I was touched by death at way too young an age. I had friends from high school die the week before I left for freshman year at SU and the week after freshman year was over (my friend Ira who I had known all my life). Much like Annie and Allie were not as close as they once were, I was not as close as I had been at one time my life with either of these people, both of whom I was very close to at one time in my life. To this day, their deaths still affect me, even haunt me at time.  I’m sure Annie’s death will effect Allie and her friends for many years to come.

Rest in peace Annie. We lost you far too early. May your memory be a blessing to all that loved you and to all whose lives you touched.