The Little Things I Miss

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The Little Things I Miss

After I posted the blog about my recent disaster at E-Z Way Airport Parking  (, I got an online message from a friend who said “I’ll drive you to the airport next time.” It made me smile and fondly remember the days when friends used to do that for each other. As a kid growing up, we never took a cab or car service (and there was no Uber). A family friend would drive us, pick us up and my parents would return the favor. If anyone is listening, I would do that now. Here’s a few other little things that I wish people would still do.

Flash Your Brights On & Off
That was the way folks used to warn other drivers that a police/speed trap was just ahead. I actually still do this and can never figure out why this isn’t done all the time.

On Your Right!
Or “on your left.” Used to be commonly heard on the ski slopes when you passed someone. Nowadays, very rare that someone does that and again, I still do. More often than not, they just zoom by you, as if they were the only on the slopes. Assholes!

House Calls
C’mon, who doesn’t miss being sick at home and having the doctor come to you! Well not the sick at home part, but it was so nice not having to move and have the doctor come to you. It’s too bad the modern health care model has pretty much killed this part of the doctor/patient relationship. Actually the modern health care model pretty much kills the whole doctor/patient relationship…house calls or no.

Going Home (Or To Town) For Lunch
There are so many things kids miss out on today. When I was in elementary school, I only lived about 5 or 6 short blocks from my house. Was not uncommon for me and my friends to walk home for lunch. And when we got to 6th grade, we could walk into town for lunch as town was also only about 6 blocks from our elementary school. For $1.00, you got 2 slices of pizza and a soda. Not really realistic for many kids to do today but would be nice for those that could.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
When I think back on being a little boy of 10 or 11, this is the memory that always makes me think “I can’t imagine this ever happening today.” I grew up in Great Neck, on the longisland railroad line that went directly to Shea Stadium. It wasn’t unusual on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, for me a a few friends to get on a train and go to Mets game…all…by…ourselves. A group of 10 or 11 year old boys, at a ball game, in Queens, with no parents. That’s right…no parents. If you tried that today, someone would call DYFS on you.

And here’s the real kicker. Round trip train fare, general admission ticket to the game, score card, couple of dogs and a soda.  All that for under $10.  It’s worth repeating…under $10! A whole bunch of years ago, I promised the kids a day at Yankee Stadium. Between the tickets, the parking, the food and the inevitable souvenirs…$500.  Yes, I said $500 (I’m repeating myself a lot with this one).

I’m sure many folks of a certain age have fond memories of things they miss from daze gone by. I’m sure our parents have similar memories, and I’m sure our kids will have ones as well. At least they will be able to revisit theirs on YouTube…or whatever comes next. And I’m not sure that’s such a good thing.