The War On Christmas

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The War On Christmas

Now that Christmas 2015 is over, I went to talk about the “War On Christmas.” Before we begin, let’s get over the irony of Ira Berkowitz, a (supposedly) nice Jewish boy from longisland, writing about the “war on Christmas.” Had your little chuckle? Good…let’s move on.

Seems like every year, those who celebrate Christmas talk about the war surrounding this holy day…or what I think is supposed to be a holy day, not just a holiday. There’s fighting over nativity displays in public, the use of the word God or the lack thereof, whether you should say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” this year some folks were even bitching about the cup your coffee was served in.

At times like this, I think to myself “how would Jesus feel” about the day…what is supposed to be his day. Let’s not forget that Jesus was Jewish, so I think I have as much right to wonder what Jesus would think as the next goy (and please don’t be insulted by that…Jesus wouldn’t). How would Jesus feel about seeing his name in multi-colored Christmas lights? How would Jesus feel about the poor being shunned by the rich? How would Jesus feel about the religious divide in our country being driven by those who claim to worship him as the son of God? How would Jesus feel about people saying “Jesus died for your sins” when most of the folks saying it are hardly holier than thou? How would Jesus feel about folks making millions of dollars preaching in his name? How would feel Jesus about wars, real wars where people die, being waged in his name but his followers being more concerned about the war on Christmas?

Jews have our holy days, Yom Kippur being the most holy. We are supposed to fast, we are supposed to pray, we are supposed to examine and question our faith,  we are supposed ask forgiveness to those we have wronged, we are supposed to reflect on our lives. We don’t go shopping for it (other than to get food), we don’t exchange presents, we don’t decorate our houses….not that there’s anything wrong with those things and I don’t think people who celebrate Christmas should give those things up. I just think the message of Christmas gets lost. The message should be about faith, about family, about friends, about finding ways to make the world a better place – not about wrapping a big red bow around a $75,000 car.

Just look at what Christmas has become. It’s more happy holiday than holy day. It’s more about stuff and less about that the stuff that really matters – the stuff we sometimes take for granted and don’t appreciate that we have. I don’t think Jesus would appreciate people fighting with each other at shopping malls to celebrate his day. I don’t Jesus would appreciate fighting over public displays of religion (which I am personally not against, in case you are wondering). I don’t think Jesus would appreciate the term “the war on Christmas,” especially when real wars are being fought all over the world.

I think everyone of every religion needs to remember the type person that Jesus was supposed to be, whether you believe in his existence or not. He was a man of peace. He was a man who believed in charity for those who need it. He was a man who believed in faith and spirit and doing good for others.

To those who say there is a war on Christmas, take a good look in the mirror. Maybe you’ll see who is really causing that war to be waged.