Today’s Random Observations

Posted by: on Feb 27, 2012 | No Comments

Went out for a walk to the bank today. I like to say you get your best material simply by observing the world around you and here’s what I came up with today.

First, the weather is completely screwed up.  It’s the end of February and it’s got to be close to 60 degrees outside. Not that I miss it but I’ve only had to shovel twice and one of those was after the freak October snowstorm. As for the snowblower, haven’t touched it. In the past week, I’ve actually seen a few moths starting to fly about. Can’t wait to see the size of the bugs that come out this spring.

Let’s move on to some really bad shit and by shit, I mean goose shit. A block from my office is Taylor Park. Today was so nice I took a slight detour on my walk back from the bank and went through the park. Oh gross! The softball field and other areas are covered with goose shit. In another couple of weeks, children of all ages will be running around on those fields and than they will be covered in goose shit. Someone needs to figure out a way to keep the geese off the fields so that they don’t become one big turd. We have enough of those in New Jersey as it is.

Going back to an all too familiar IraSez rant but cell phone usage while driving a car isn’t going away any time soon. As a matter of fact, I think it’s reaching epidemic proportions. If the town and the state want to make easy money, all they have to do is up the ante on cell phone restrictions and enforce the law. Have the cops stand on the corner of Millburn and Main, point at the offenders and you’d catch them by the dozens. Has to be easier than chasing them down on the highways. Think of all the gas we’d be saving and than I wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting caught when I’m driving too fast on the highways, which is pretty much all the time (and yes, I see the hypocrisy in that argument).  And mom, please don’t tell dad I wrote that.

And today’s final observation is brought to by those spandex clad females of Millburn & Short Hills who have taken up residence at Fly Wheel, the new spinning class center in town. I must admit seeing all those sweaty woman in spandex every morning always makes me giggle and I know there’s a really good blog post in there somewhere. I just need to figure out a way to protect the names of the innocent (including my spandex biking short clad rabbi which was oh so weird seeing that one). Today on Millburn Avenue, one of the spandex clad spinning set came walking out of Fly Wheel and lit up her cigarette. Reminded me of the scene in Annie Hall where Woody is visiting his doctor who is smoking a cigarette during the examination. I guess everyone has their compromises and rationales, for which I’m very thankful. Gives me something to make fun of them for.