Writer’s Block 2017

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Writer’s Block 2017

The other day, a friend of mine commented to me that he had seen any new blog posts from me in a few months and that I was writing as much (if at all). To this I have to plead guilty as charged. Got me to thinking…why haven’t I been writing as much?

I have often said that writing and this blog are therapeutic for me. What I affectionately call keyboard therapy. If ever there were a year that I probably needed my keyboard therapy more than ever it’s been 2017, and yet I have written much less this year than any other year since I started IraSez. I think I’m beginning to understand why and as I write this, my keyboard is once again my therapist.

First, I think the shock of last year’s election and the shit show that has followed has dulled my political senses. I keep thinking I should be all over this. Figure out some way to state my opinions, air my grievances, fight the good fight. Maybe it’s a feeling of dread over the path our country seems to be taking that just temporarily doused that flame in me. Well screw that. It’s time take this thing head on. Fake news my ass!

Second, and what definitely did me for the first six months, was the terrible loss my family went through when my mother-in-law succumbed to pancreatic cancer the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. Let me be clear when I tell you that cancer sucks and pancreatic cancer is even worse, because there’s no cure and a very low survival rate. As I have openly stated many times, the day that diagnosis was given to mom, Linda and me, was the day I went into uber son-in-law mode. I now realize, it took more out of me than I ever imagined and still does. But I also now realize that my mother-in-law was one of my biggest fans. Even started her own blog at one point – InaSez. I wonder where she got that idea? I owe it to her to get back on the saddle, start writing, even if no one reads my posts (and so few people do).

So now I’m back….at least for now. I have no idea what the next post will be about, where that inspiration will come from. I just know that I need to open myself up a bit, see the world around me, let the words flow from my head into my fingers and onto my keyboard…my therapist.