A Journey’s End – Day 4

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A Journey’s End – Day 4

This is the photo of my dad that sits on my desk, so I can see him everyday.

Monday, April 15, 2019

As previously mentioned, today is my daughter Allie’s birthday. It is also the birthday of my then future daughter-in-law, Rebecca, who became part of our family on September 14, 2019. I really wish my dad had been there.

Moving on, at about 11:30 the door bell rings. It is the hospice nurse – very attractive, late 30s, sweet smile. I tell her my dad is going to propose to her.

When she walks into the room, my dad’s eyes light up….just as I knew they would. His speech is now barely understandable. She asks him a series of questions, which he attempts to answer and I attempt to translate. Yes and no questions are much easier…his mind is still sharp.

Once the examination is over, she prepares to leave. My dad musters all of his strength and all of his intellect, and utters the very last complete sentence he will ever say that I will understand. He looks at the nurse and says “You know, you’re very pretty.” Leave it to my father that he was able to make me laugh until almost the very end.

The rest of the day is phone calls, preparation, holding my dad’s hand, talking to him, telling him I love him, watching him fade in and out of sleep and consciousness. My sister Carol and I have decided that we do not want him passing away in the house. When the time comes, we will move dad back to Bethesda East Hospital for hospice care.  As I went to sleep that night, I did not know that moment was coming sooner rather than later.