Bruce Into Caitlyn Daze

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Wondering what Belushi would do if he were alive today.

Wondering what Belushi would do if he were alive today.

Bruce Into Caitlyn Daze

Today’s disclaimer: I’m not homophobic, I’m not anti LGBT. I’m actually very progressive when it comes to these things. I’ve had gay colleagues, gay friends, gay fraternity brothers (one who we all knew was gay before he did), gay clients, gay neighbors, gay clergy. I’m happy to have them in my life. Their life choices are theirs and I’m 100% okey dokey with that.

OK, got that out of the way. Now let’s talk about this whole Bruce Jenner turns into Caitlyn and goes viral on the cover of Vanity Fair thing that took over the world the other day. Again what Bruce/Caitlyn does with his/her life is no one’s business…unless, he/she makes it everyone’s business…and she/he did. And everyone was so supportive.  She looked beautiful, it was wonderful, it’s a great message, Annie Leibovitz photos, cover of Vanity Fair, yada yada yada.

Somewhere in the back of my head was this little voice whispering to me “Caitlyn is a Kardashian, Caitlyn is a Kardashian.” All I could think was this is wonderful expression of personal freedom and who better to exploit that than a member of the newest member of the queens of exploitation, the Kardashian family.

So I’m sorry but I can’t help but think this is another prime example of America’s obsession with shit we really shouldn’t want to know about, or at least that should be way down on the list of shit we should know about when there’s so much other really bad shit going on. Bruce Jenner was a great American athlete. I’m happy that Bruce had the opportunity to become a different person when he was uncomfortable inside his own skin. But I’m sorry, this whole public display of conversion from male to female, complete with spread in Vanity Fair, reeks of exploitation.

Another problem I’m having is the insane level of support from all corners of the universe that Caitlyn is getting. You just gotta believe that some folks out there who are publicly stating that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, are just jumping on the bandwagon. That inside, this is making them crazy, even a bit disgusted. It’s like telling the pollster “no I never smoked pot in college.” Of course you did. In this case, you tell the whole world “I’m so supportive of Caitlyn and LGBT rights,” when deep down inside, you are thinking this is just so wrong on so many levels.

Yes, Caitlyn is a role model for the entire LGBT community but not every person in your position has Diane Sawyer, Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz, and all the other resources at their fingertips. Their struggles are real, their private and they often end in tragedy.

So Caitlyn prove me and all the other skeptics wrong. Donate it all to charities that benefit the LGBT community. Than I will sing your praise from the rafters, in a white dress with heels. Until then, you are just another Kim in Caitlyn clothes.

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    excellent commentary, Ira. xo