Common Sense Gun Control

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Common Sense Gun Control

And here we go again. Another shooting at school, more senseless killings of Americans who are way to young in a place that is supposed to be a safe haven. What drives people to do such things is beyond my comprehension of human nature. What I do know is that something needs to be done and done now.

As with an emotionally charged issue, the conversation is dominated by the fringes. On one side, you have folks that want all guns banned.  Let me tell you Mr. and Mrs Lefty, that is never going to happen and you just need to come to that realization.

On the other side you have the NRA and their constitution waving gun fanatics who claim the right to keep and bear arms is their god given right. I have a question for you Mr. and Mrs. Righty.  Do you think our founding fathers had semi-automatic weapons in mind when they wrote? They were using single shot muskets back in the day. Why don’t you use one of those one of these instead of an Uzi?

This is like a game of chicken and no one wants to be the first to flinch, the first to show weakness, the first to give an inch for fear of having to give more than the other side. That is exactly why nothing gets done.

So what do we need?  Leadership, someone with the balls to take on both sides and get them to talk to each other. The problem is the NRA has so much money and so many elected officials hiding their heads in the sand for fear of Wayne LaPierre and his armed band of merry men. I’m not saying the fault is entirely on the right, it’s just that they yell louder and carry a much bigger stick. Unfortunately, it’s a not a stick that’s inflicting all the damage.

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  1. scottpdann
    October 24, 2014

    Very well put.