Common Sense Political Party

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Common Sense Political Party

Last week, I posted on facebook that I was thinking of starting my own political party and running for congress. Some folks suggested I should skip the whole congress thing and run for president right away. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough hush money in the world to cover up all the skeletons that would inevitably come charging out of that closet.  As I stated, my political party would be “The Common Sense Party” because it’s become quite apparent that common sense is completely lacking in our government today.

If I’m going to start my own party, I guess I need to start developing the ideas and ideals that my party would stand for. Now what I think is common sense might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so I’m open to suggestions. Let’s consider this the first in a series of blog posts that will address what The Common Sense Party stands for and how we will look at some of the serious issues in today’s political arena.

Issue 1 – War and Taxes
The last guy who was the leader of the free world started 2 wars and cut taxes at the same time. Common Sense tells us that if you are going to start a war that requires a major capital expenditure, cutting taxes is a bad idea. If you can’t pay for guns, air force planes, bombs, ammunition and most importantly, the people to fight your wars and protect them with the best body armor money can buy, than war is an even worse then it sounds. The Common Sense Party is anti-war and anti raising taxes but if you are going to go around wreaking havoc on the world, you better have some way to pay for it that won’t bankrupt the country.

Issue 2 – Pro Life and/or Pro Choice
This is one of my favorites. People who tend to be pro life when it comes to abortion issues also tend to be pro death penalty when it comes to criminal issues. It’s a right wing thing. They want to protect you in the womb but once you get out, you are on your own. And if you screw things up really bad, it’s “off with your head.” The Common Sense Party is pro choice. Nobody can really tell another person what to do with their body. But what to do if that person really screws up their life and does harm to others? I’m sure this won’t make left wing friends too happy but I’m going off with “off their head.” Common Sense tells me there’s better things we can do with our money, time, effort and space than keep hardened and dangerous to society criminals alive when it costs hundreds of  thousands of dollars per year per criminal alive to do so. Without apologies I’m going right on this one.

Issue 3 – The Legalization of Marijuana
If single malt scotch is legal, well pot should be too. It’s that simple. If you don’t believe me, go pour yourself a nice tall glass of McAllan’s 12 year old, drink that baby down and see if you don’t recognize the buzz.  If ever a war has been fought and lost it’s the war on drugs. Nancy Reagen said “just say no” but no one was and no one is listening, especially her neighbors in California where pot is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. The war is over and the stoners won. Whole communities depend on the pot industry for their livelihood and survival, so Common Sense says give up the fight and legalize it, regulate it, tax it, make money off it, just like tobacco and alcohol. As for pot being a gateway drug, oh please…if that were true, than everyone I know in college would have been addicted to cocaine or strung out on heroin. Guess what?  They weren’t then and they are not now. As a matter of fact, the one person I knew in college who didn’t smoke pot turned out to be the biggest whack job of them all.

I think that’s enough for today. Common Sense tells me my audience has a short attention span and 3 issues is enough for one sitting. Must be all that pot you people smoked in college!