Diamond Nose Daze

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Diamond Nose Daze

Rhinoplasty. What a strange word for “nose job.” Sounds like a combination of large african animal and some kind of high tech explosive.Back in 70s, if you lived on longisland, and you needed Rhinoplasty, that could only mean one thing – Diamond Nose! It was Dr. Diamond and his little, cutesy button nose that all the longisland girls (well, maybe a few guys) just had to have. Some of them didn’t even really need a nose job but they just had to have that nose, and that nose was just so obvious. Even to this day, you can spot all those diamond noses that are pictured on Facebook and anywhere else you see photos of ye olde high school and college friends.

Speaking of college, I remember one day sitting in Sadler dining hall at Syracuse University. My friends and I would just sit there, letting each and every coed with a Diamond nose know that we knew where they got that cutesy button nose by screaming “Diamond nose, Diamond nose,” as they marched through the dining hall. We were just so mature.

Many years later, I was talking to a plastic surgeon that was a client of mine. As fate would have it, Dr. Diamond’s famous noses were prone to some serious issues – falling, flattening, disintegrating what little nose cartilage Dr. D hadn’t removed while sculpting his infamous noses. It seems those noses were actually diamonds in the rough but pure gold for those who got to fix them many years later.