Holiday Card Daze

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Holiday Card Daze

It’s that time of year….the most wonderful time of year. Holiday lights, holiday cheer and the annual onslaught of holiday cards. I do enjoy getting cards from my friends and family, the ones that I have actually seen and/or spoken to within the last year. Love to see how their kids have grown and how my friends look.

Than there are the others. The cards you get from people who, not only have you not seen this year, but in many case it’s been many years. What makes these folks think I want to get a holiday card from them? Hell, I don’t know you anymore and, in many cases, I don’t want to know you anymore. Your kids? I would not know them if they fell in my lap.

There  is one particular family that really stands out in the crowd. We have not seen or spoken to these folks in 10 years, but every year like clockwork, they send us a holiday card. This year’s card came with a loverly message tell us how wonderful life is. Our kids are great, our life is great, we are just the greatest.  Bull shit! You know what this card said to me this year? “Look at me. Last year I was 20 pounds overweight, now it’s 30! And don’t we look happy. Of course you do because your the only one who doesn’t know your husband has been cheating on you for years (at least that’s the popular belief).”

Here’s my message to all of you out there that don’t know me anymore, don’t know Linda anymore, don’t know my kids anymore. I don’t want your holiday cards anymore. Save the paper, save the stamp, send the card to someone who really cares because I really don’t.

And if you are reading this and sent us a card but didn’t get one in return, do the math.

Edit:  I should add that as of 12/20, our cards have not been mailed. Please don’t get insulted if you haven’t received yours…at least not yet.