It’s All Al Gore’s Fault

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It’s All Al Gore’s Fault

Today there were 3 terrorist related attacks on 3 different continents:
Europe – a factory outside of Lyon, France.
Africa – a beach resort in Tunisia.
Asia – a mosque in Kuwait.
As I write this, the total death toll is over 60 people, and I can help but wonder if these attacks are somehow related. Is the timing just to close to be a coincidence?

It’s no secret that terrorist organizations have been using one very valuable tool to gain new recruits and to spread the evil word of their causes. That tool is the internet and who invented the internet? Al Gore did, at least according to Al Gore. So if the internet equals terrorism, and Al Gore invented the internet, it only stands to reason that Al Gore is to blame for the rapid rise of all these terrorist groups.

OK, so I’m being facetious. Al Gore did not invent the internet, but the reality is that terrorists groups are certainly using the internet to spread their own very vicious brand of evil throughout the world. As much good as we all think comes from the internet, all the information that is at our fingertips, our ability to constantly stay in touch, and all the other benefits that this technology affords us, the reality could very well be that the world might be a much safer place without the internet.

It kind of reminds me of that Monsanto commercial. The one where they tell us that “without chemicals, life itself would be impossible.” Oh really…but what about the damage those chemicals have caused and continue to cause? Just think about all the bad side effects many chemicals have been known to cause, and the deaths associated with the use of these products that were once considered safe and essential. PCBs, DDT, Saccharin, GMOs and many more. They were thought to be a benefit for all humanity. However, reality was quite (Ed. note – I fixed a typo here) different. For many folks who used and/or were exposed to these chemicals, they brought death, not life.

Could the same be said for the internet? For all the good it does, look at the death that can be traced to terrorist groups that use the internet to their benefit (if you can call it that). So as much I love the internet, am addicted to the internet, use the internet both personally and professionally, I can’t help but think the internet is a big part of the spread of global terrorism. How’s that for an inconvenient truth?


  1. Larry Bashe
    June 27, 2015

    There was a time when we thought the “Information Age ” was going to be terrific, access to information 24 hours a day. It has turned into a nightmare because most the information we get is wrong.

  2. Skip
    July 17, 2015

    They said the same thing about the telephone.

    Technology is not the enemy, the enemy is the terrorist.

    Would we prefer a government managed/controlled internet?

    Can you say Skynet?

  3. Mike S.
    July 17, 2015

    Admittedly, the terrorists have made effective use of the internet, but I would argue that our government agencies…FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DOD, etc., have been much more effective in the use of various technologies involving the internet and other high tech methods to thwart terrorism both here and abroad. All that being said, you will not find me lying on a beach in places like Tunisia, Somalia or other less technologically advanced and/or more importantly, less secure countries.

    I would also argue that technology actually saves lives, as evidenced by our very effective, but often maligned and politicized drone program, which has been very effective in wiping out terrorists without the need for engaging our military personnel in additional ground operations.

    My friend, your profession and your personal worlds are wholly dependent on the internet, so embrace the technological changes.

    Oh, and you might want to embrace the latest technology called spell check. (quit (e) different) 🙂

    • IraSez
      July 17, 2015

      Thanks for pointing out the typo, which has not been corrected.