Look ma! No hands!

Posted by: on May 21, 2010 | One Comment

Remember when you were a little kid and you learned how to ride a two wheel bicyle? Oh, the simple joys in life. Than you learned how to ride holding on with only one hand and than no hands. Than you learned to ride a bike with no hands while texting on your cell phone!  Oh wait…they probably didn’t have cell phones when many of you learned how to ride a bike but today they do and today I saw someone doing just that.

Many of you have read my comments (well rants really) about texting while driving but this was really a surprise…texting while riding a bike. I think I will call it “bexting” or “bikexting” or “hey stupid, are you out of your friggin’ mind?”  This did not take place on some quiet suburban side street. This took place on a main road, windy and hilly, heavily trafficked where the 35 MPH speed is really just a suggestion (as are all speed limits in reality). The guy riding looked like he knew what he was doing but he still had his eyes down, focused on his cell phone, cars zipping by. To make matters even more interesting, he was also wearing earbuds, so it wasn’t like he was hearing anything either.

Always makes me wonder what people are thinking when they go out into the world but don’t pay any attention to the world around them?  Someday the world is going to look at them in the face, smile right at them and the only sound they will hear will be their own body going “splat.” I can’t wait…will give me something new to write about.

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  1. lizzie
    May 25, 2010

    and think about those poor little road animals who get hit and have no cell phone to call for help!