Memo to the Boy Scouts

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Dear Mr. Leader of the Boy Scouts,

I have a little story to tell you. Many years ago, I rented a house from a very nice, very single gentleman. I’m going to call him Tom. From time-to-time, Tom would stop by our house to make sure everything was OK. One of these times, he was returning from a Boy Scouts camping weekend, as he was a scout leader. Tom was single and had no children, let alone any boys. I never gave it a second thought except thinking that it was great that he was involved in such a worthwhile organization.

A couple of years after we moved in, Tom stopped by our house with his “friend” who happened to be another man and it was pretty obvious this “friend” was gay. Let’s call him John. I like that…Tom and John. I guess at this point Tom came out of the closet.

Eventually the two of them moved back into that house and we moved up the block to another rental. We’d see them all the time, helped decorate their Christmas tree and even helped them out when Tom was injured in a motorcycle accident. My son was probably 3 or 4 years old at that time and he got a big kick out of the headless statue in the living room complete with stuffed jock strap. I’m sure you’d love it too.

The elderly neighbors really liked John, who was very helpful, just like a boy scout. We’d see him mowing the lawns, working in the garden and taking care of things around the house. Not only at his house but at the neighbors too. You would have loved his uniform. Black leather work boots, black leather hot pants and a black leather cap. On warm days, he wouldn’t wear his shirt but he did wear his medals of honor, 2 silver nipple rings.

Eventually Tom and John split up and moved out of the neighborhood. We spoke to them once or twice but eventually lost touch. It’s really too bad because I’d love to know if Tom is still involved with your organization and how he feels about your policy excluding gays. Personally, I think it sucks but I’ve learned that there is justice in the universe. Pretty sure this ruling will come back to bite you in the ass someday…or maybe someplace a little more personal.


Ira Berkowitz