Mother Nature’s Revolt Continues

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Mother Nature’s Revolt Continues

Back in the day, when I actually used to write one of these blogs more than once every 6 months, one of my fairly consistent themes was my belief that the world is ruled by a kick-ass woman….Mother Nature. Nothing in the past few years has made me think otherwise. Let’s take a look at some of the more recent evidence.

  • Hurricane Dorian – they are still uncovering the bodies in The Bahamas from this one and there was even talk that maybe we needed to add a Category 6 on the scale of how hurricanes are measured. Just so we are clear, it never quite made it to Alabama.
  • Tropical Storm Imelda – a mere 2 years after Hurricane Harvey in what some used to call a “once a century storm,” a week ago Imelda roared ashore with record setting rainfall, once again flooding Houston and large areas of southeast Texas. I think we have to retire the whole once a decade, once every 50 years, once every whatever because it seems to me none of these happen just once in a great while anymore.
  • Record setting heat – we all know it’s been hot in the US but this past summer was an inferno in many other parts of the world. In France, they set the highest recorded temperature ever in that country in late June, 114.6 degrees, and over 1400 people died linked to the extreme heat.
  • I’m Melting – and of course there are the melting polar ice caps, which (depending on what day it is) are somewhere between 30-50% of their normal size.

Weather (I did that on purpose) you want to call it that dirty word – global warming – or climate change or just the natural order of things, the past several years have more than proven that Mother Nature is in revolt and she is picking up steam (get it?). Of course, if you are the leader of the free world, there is no such thing as global warming. The answer is coal, rolling back emission standards, allowing farmers and industry to use our waterways as big sewers, and everything will be just fine because he’s a genius.

Mother Nature, if you are listening, would it be within your powers to maybe zap that guy with a little lightning. Not enough to kill him, just enough to singe his hair and give him one more excuse as to why his skin is that color because he doesn’t like energy efficient light bulbs.