Obama Invents Racism…

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Obama Invents Racism…

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….no he didn’t but according to Kathy Miller (pictured above), a Trump campaign chair in Ohio, there was no racism before Obama.
You don’t believe she said that? Click and listen (and watch the reporters reaction, which is priceless): https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/22/trump-ohio-campaign-chair-no-racism-before-obama?CMP=share_btn_tw

Here’s the irony, that’s the most racist statement I’ve heard in quite some time. Well, maybe this week. OK, maybe today but holy crap. In a moment in our history where racist statements are an everyday occurrence from the possible soon to be leader of the free world, this one is just, well it’s just. That’s it, it’s just. I’ve got no words to explain this person or that statement.

What rock did this woman crawl out from under? Is she secretly the founder and President of the David Duke fan club, because she sure sounds like a member of The Klan (and I don’t mean like one in Scotland where they wear kilts and drink Scotch all day).

Maybe someone needs to show this woman videos of the race riots in the 60s when, according to her, there was no racism. Or take on a trip to the deep south where racism is holding on like a noose hanging from a tree. Perhaps she’d prefer seeing a great movie like Gone With The Wind, which certainly shows the racist history of our country but at least she’d have got Clark Gable.

Mrs. Miller, I have no idea what America you’ve been living but wherever it is, they must have really good drugs because you are delusional.

4 PM Update – After writing and posting this, I found out Mrs. Miller resigned. Good riddance.