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After months on the sidelines, for a variety of reasons, I’m back. I’m also on the edge. On the edge of what, I have no idea. The edge of reason, the edge of insanity, the edge of drinking myself into a stupor. I’m not sure but I’m on the edge.

I’ve always claimed to be a moderate but my social agenda is definitely left of center. Doesn’t mean I vote strictly along party lines, unless the Legalize Marijuana Party is on every line. Now that’s my type of party!

If I take one of these online surveys, it keeps telling me I’m a libertarian or something along those lines. I don’t want the government to tell me what people can and cannot do with their bodies; what they can and cannot put in their bodies; what I can and cannot say.

What I want to government to do is maintain our country – our security, our infrastructure, our environment, our health, our well being and our pursuit of happiness. I don’t care if you are a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative. Black, white, yellow, brown, blue, red. Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist. Use common sense, treat everyone equally, do what’s right. I know, I’m dreaming but what are we without our dreams.

And than today came. I read the news and I watched some of the news. Common sense, my guiding principal, has gone out the window. When pressed, lies, deception and a bus where others are thrown under.

Did you that our President graduated number 1 in his class from Wharton? Only thing is according to the University of Pennsylvania, he didn’t event make deans list. Did you know that our President won the election by the largest electoral college margin since Reagan, except if you include one of the Bush elections and both Obama elections. Did you know that the voter fraud in New Hampshire was yuuuuuge, except if you ask anyone involved with the election in New Hampshire. In August he was telling the Russians to hack, leak and release. Now the intel community is a bunch of hacks and he wants to know where all the leaks are coming from.

And than it dawned on me. He wasn’t pathological, he wasn’t a narcissist, he was both. A pathologicalnarcissist. It’s like pneumococcal pneumonia – you get two for the price of one. See, he’s cutting costs, just like he said he would!

At first it was kind of funny…unless you ask Ted, Jeb or Marco. But now, it’s kind of scary. And where the hell is the GOP? Hey Mitch, Paul, and the rest of you. Are you going to stand by and watch this train wreck take down your party (because I know that’s the most important thing to you) or just wait for him to declare war by executive order?

The week of the election, I was talking to a friend who told me he voted for Drumpf. That we just needed to give him a chance and I know many others who thought the same way. They couldn’t bring themselves to vote for another establishment candidate. As of today, at least for me, that very thin sliver of chance didn’t get thrown under the bus. It jumped out in front of it begging to be put out it’s misery.