Random Airport Thoughts

Posted by: on Aug 22, 2010 | No Comments

You all know how much the airport and air travel inspires. Wouldn’t you know I’m stuck at Palm Beach International in a 2.5 hour weather delay.  Here’s what has caught my attention so far.

Going through security, the TSA agent made a passenger go back to ticketing and check one of his carry-on bags because they both needed to go in the overhead bins and you’re only allowed one. I have never seen that before. Almost jumped out of line to hug the guy but figured that wouldn’t get me through security any quicker.

The major source of entertainment so far was the wheel chair races for the departing passengers coming off some flight. Pretty sure the elderly lady with the grey hair won!

Some really, really obnoxious guy is trying to blame Continental for the “air traffic controller in Newark” delay. Dude, it’s called mother nature and I don’t think Continental Airlines is any happier about it than you are. Mother Nature if you are listening, I give you permission to have lighting strike this guy right in the kisser.

There is a plenty of oversized people in the waiting area. I really hope they are sitting nowhere near me.

Oh, and here’s another guy with 2 pieces of luggage that look like they are going in the carry on bins. Where’s my new PBI carry-on guru when you need him.

Some lady just sat down across from me and sucked down a bunch of Rolaids. Not a good sign for the rest of us, unless of course she’s going to Houston. If so, sucks to be them!

I think that’s if for now.  If I see anything else newsworthy,  I will edit and repost. Live from PBI, it’s IraSez. I now return to your regularly scheduled kvetching.