Religion vs The Law

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She fought the law and the law won...Thank God!

She fought the law and the law won…Thank God!

Religion vs The Law

One of the basic rights that many Americans hold so dear is the freedom of religion. It’s right there in The Constitution, along with a bunch of other freedoms woven into the fabric of the American Way.  Of course, every once in-a-while the Constitution needs to be clarified, rights need to confirmed and laws re-interpreted. Afterall, the Constitution is over 200 years old and some things have changed. Guns have changed, views on religion have changed, how we get the news has certainly changed. Unfortunately, people’s tolerance for the right to pursue happiness if that happiness doesn’t agree with your view of right and wrong, hasn’t changed.

Which brings us to Kim Davis, County Clerk in Rowan County Kentucky. She has decided to take on The Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of gay marriage. Being a god fearing Christian and being that these folks view homosexuality as mortal sin, she don’t like those gay people and she is certainly not going to issue them a marriage license.

Kim, I’ve got news for you. You are a government employee. Your salary is paid by taxpayers. Some of these taxpayers are not the homophobic God fearing Christian that you are. Some of them are even homosexuals themselves. But most importantly, as Americans we are supposed to abide by the laws of the land and the law says you cannot deny a person a marriage license just because if you don’t agree with their version of holy matrimony. If you don’t like the laws that govern your job, get a new job. No one says you have to live your life on the taxpayers dime. As a government employee, your first responsibility is to uphold the laws of the United States of America, not the laws of some book written thousands of years ago where nobody knows who even wrote the damn thing.

Poor Kim, she doesn’t like the new law and she’s an expert on marriages, having been married 4 times herself. Yup, divorced 3 times with kids from an adulterous relationship with her third husband, while she was still married to the second. That was until she found God. I wonder where she found him…or is it her. Did she see God? Did God speak to her? Did God forgive her right there and then for breaking one of his (or hers) Ten Commandments? We will never know, we just know that Kim has now decided to be the voice of God….at least her interpretation of God…which is not shared by everyone else in America…and is not the law.

Kim has decided that she is holier than thou until you punch her whole holy existence full of holes.