The Blogging Hat

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Last night was the annual SUNNJAC holiday. As many of you know, this is my 9th year as president of the SU alumni club here in North Jersey or, as I prefer to look at it as the 3rd year of my 3rd three term (there was only supposed to be one!) and it looks like a 4th term is on the horizon.


The first (and not quite official) IraSez hat.

During my annual holiday party speech (you know there had to be a speech), my good friend and Orange alumni mentor Brian Spector, presented me with an @IraSez hat.  As Brian was presenting me that hat my first thought was “Shit! I haven’t written anything in a month.” My second thought was “Shit! Now I have to written something soon…real soon.”

Brian being Brian, I knew that the minute he gave me that hat, that he would take a picture of that hat and put the picture of that hat on facebook….and he did.  Thank you all for the great response to that picture and the picture of Linda and me (wearing that hat). Now the pressure was on.

Ever since I’ve started IraSez, I’ve written when the moment inspires me. I guess I haven’t really been inspired much these daze but that’s about to change. I’m actually in the process of launching a new and improved IraSez website. I’d like to tell you that I’m saving all my material for the launch of the new site but that would be a lie.  I’m just lazy sometimes.

I probably need to start writing my blogs the way I wrote my papers in college. Get totally jonesed on coffee and no-doz, stay up all night writing and see what happens. Worked more often than not but as one of my professors told me when I was handing in one of those papers having obviously pulled an all-nighter, “Mr. Berkowitz, you look like hell!”

Hoping to launch the new site in January. The site will feature regular IraSez blog posts, some links to other blogs I read and post on (mostly SU sports related), The “DailySez” where I plan to post quick thoughts on the day.  For example, my quick thought for today is “Why did Brian have to give me that damn hat!”

So, 3 weeks before New Year’s, I resolve to do more with IraSez, write more often, cover more topics, try to make you laugh, try to make you cry, try to make you think, try to make you read my blog so you will spread the word about IraSez, make me famous and maybe this thing will make me some damn money. At least enough to buy more hats.