The Book Of Romney – Chapter 1

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In the show The Book of Mormon, our reluctant deity Arnold is a Mormon missionary who doesn’t really know the first thing about his religion. In trying to convert the African villagers, he throws in liberal doses of science fiction and fantasy including Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and they soak up every word as if it were actually the word of God. At the end of the show, we are introduced to the the Book of Arnold. A great depiction of modern religion if you ask me.  Equal parts faith, fantasy and the SyFy channel.

Which brings me to Mitt Romney. Again, my standard political disclaimer. I’m a moderate and not registered to any political party accept my own, the Common Sense Party but let’s move on to Mitt and his utter lack of common sense.  In The Book of Romney, our man Mitt just can’t see to get out of his own way. I’m wondering if the republicans knew then what they know now if he would be the nominee? I know that many of my right-of-center friends are having serious doubts and it seems so are some in the conservative media. His faith was always a big concern with the flaming right wing Christian conservatives who do not view Mormonism as a real religion but now it seems like Mitt is hiding lots of goodies that could prove fatal to his campaign. Every day comes some sort of revelation that he or his campaign have to defend.

As near as I can tell, his campaign has become a one trick pony (or so it seems to me), that being the only thing he can say is the economy would have been better, faster if he were now president. Here’s a question I have for you Mitt.  Exactly whose economy are you talking about? Ours because I don’t ever hear you talking about jobs you’ve created in America. You talk about American companies you’ve saved but not American workers. If you did save American jobs, where are they and why don’t you show some of them off? But in the Book of Romney, companies are people too so, I guess that’s good enough for Mitt.

And in the Book of Romney, Mitt walks through the streets of America covered in a holy cloak…The Shroud of Bain, in which you can clearly see the image of young man suffering with the burden of off shore bank accounts and all those tax returns he knows he can’t make public. Mitt, I gotta tell ya, by not disclosing those tax returns you are telling me everything I need to know because what you are hiding has to be a hell of lot worse than the consequences of revealing exactly what’s in Chapter 1040 of The Book of Romney.

Well children, that’s enough of The Book of Romney for today. Look for upcoming chapters as we follow Mitt on his quest to become president of the USA. Chapters to include Ann Romney – Is She The Only One and Why Do All The Romney Sons Look Approximately The Same Age. Until then, here’s hoping Mitt ends up exactly where he belongs…Orlando.

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  1. John Rothstein
    July 24, 2012

    Only you could do a blog post mixing politics and religion and have it one be of your musings least likely to piss anyone off. Keep up the good work. A new “IraSez” in my inbox is always something I look forward to!
    Cheers, John