The Congress Is In Recess…Again

Posted by: on Sep 19, 2014 | No Comments

Recess used to be such a happy word. Memories of my childhood, on the playground at Baker Hill Elementary School, playing ball or on the jungle gym, running around with my friends.  Ah sweet youth.

Now, recess is a dirty word. A word that only makes me think my tax dollars are being wasted on a bunch of political nincompoops who have nothing better to do than take an extended break from their jobs, just so they can try and keep their jobs, when they really don’t do anything at their jobs.

Forget about a complete lack of any new domestic policies that this bunch of senators and congressman has failed to discuss or debabe, let alone enact. Now, as the world seems on the brink of exploding in so many places, what’s our Congress decide to do? Extend their pre-election recess by an additional week.  Ladies and gentleman, Congress is now closed until November. Holy shit.

Did I mention that they just got back from their 6 week summer recess? Oh yes, Congress came back to work for a whole 8 daze and is now getting ready to walk away again. All this while the middle east is at war on multiple fronts, there are mass murders, very public beheadings, while our country is trying to build a coalition to fight this latest group of terrorists, and when big decisions need to be made on how to handle this latest crisis. Our elected officials do what they do best – put their heads up their asses and run away to hide in the comfort of their own districts all in the name of re-election.

And what do we do? We re-elect the same spineless, useless, recess mongers year after year. You and I should have it as good as these folks.

Back in 1980, when I voted in my first presidential election, I voted for a 3rd party candidate, John Anderson. I remember my mother telling me that was a wasted vote. If mom were alive today I would tell her that voting for one of the 2 major party candidates is actually the wasted vote.

So vote but don’t vote for the same old same old. Vote for a 3rd party candidate, pick a cause, pick an ideal, pick something other than what we’ve got right now. Pro life, pro choice, green party, legalize pot party, libertarian, communist, socialist, hell….start your own party. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I’m all about common sense and would love to start that party.

And now I’m done. Time for recess.