The IraSez Lexicon

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The IraSez Lexicon

Every once-in-a-while, I get an email or a comment about a typo or grammatical mistake I’ve made. Some of these are on purpose, some of these are words that I have found particularly useful, some of them are to see if folks are paying attention, and some of these are homonyms that I just prefer to use instead of the proper spelling.

Let’s start with my personal favorite, which many folks have noticed and is a frequent part may IraSez blog titles. That is DAZE which I almost always use in place of days. The first time I used daze instead of days was in June 2010, when I wrote my 25th Wedding Anniversary blog and it just sort of stuck:

Another one of my favorite words to use is OTAY!, as in “Otay Panky!” As a kid growing up, The Little Rascals was one of my favorite things to watch. That word got new life when Eddie Murphy made Buckwheat a staple on Saturday Night Live in the 80s. Unfortunately, the 1994 movie version did little to restore The Little Rascals brand. If you ever get a text or email from me, you will very rarely see OK when Otay! works even better.

You may also see TANKS, as in tanks alot or tanks very much. I honestly don’t remember how or when they entered into the IraSez vocabulary but it’s there now.

And last but not least (at least for now) is longisland…and it is longisland. I oughta know, I grew up there and frequently refer to my life as “Escape From longisland.” My parents moved out of our house in Great Neck in August of 1996. I packed up the last of my things, drove back to New Jersey and didn’t step foot on longisland again until the following December, 16 months later, and that was for a funeral. That moment gave rise to one of my favorite Iraisms: There are only 3 reasons for me to go back to longisland – business, golf and death. I also like to say “you can only go so far east, so far west, so far north or so far south before you hit water and/or have to pay way too much money to get off of longisland.” As if to prove my point, this past Sunday Linda and I were at lunch for a friend’s child’s first communion, when one of the gentleman sitting at our table talked about how he moved off of longisland because it cost him too much to get off anytime he wanted to go someplace else, essentially the same theory that I had. Oh longisland, you’re not really that bad but I ain’t ever going back.

That’s all for now. Looks like it’s going to be one of those daze, but I’m sure everything will turn out Otay! On the bright side, no plans to go to longisland for the next couple of weeks. Tanks for reading my blog.