The Rhythm of Life

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I’d like to start with a quote that my mom said to me on more than one occasion when we’d visit my folks in Florida. “I love to see their fronts and I love to see their backs.” In case you don’t get it, she was talking about her children and their families. I was never really insulted by the statement as I felt the same way. Was a nice place to visit but I didn’t want to stay there too long.

Every part of your life has a certain rhythm to it.  Then there are the adjustments that are added to your life that changes that rhythm. You grow-up with your parents, you move on to college, you move home and/or you move on to a new place to live, you get married, you have kids, your kids grow-up, they go to college, they comeback, they move on, and so on and so on.

After graduating from SU in May 2011, Allie moved on and has made a life for herself in Los Angeles. Zach graduates from SU in less than 2 weeks and will be returning home, along with his dog Shay.

Shay eying her next meal?

Shay eying her next meal?

For most of the last 3+ years, Linda and I have been alone and that’s the rhythm of my life for the moment.

Let me clearly state that I love my children and I miss them every day they are away from me. Linda and I have been to LA 5 or 6 times since Allie moved there in August of 2011, and Allie comes home every few months including her 2 week Xmas break.  For the past several years, we have traveled every few months to Syracuse to visit, attend alumni functions and meetings, and to do what parents need to do when summoned.

But come the middle of May, our house and the rhythm of our life will change yet again. Above and beyond their physical presence, Zach and Shay will bring renewed life and energy to our home. I think the current residents of our home (especially Linda) are looking forward to that change of pace. As for me, let me just say “hakuna matata.”