Who’s The Bigger A’hole?

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Who’s The Bigger A’hole?

Over the years, I have made no secret about my love/hate relationship with folks at the local supermarket. Hate them because they can be such assholes. Love them because they can be such assholes, which is great fodder for this blog. Last Sunday’s visit to the ShopRite was no exception

It started in the parking lot, upon arrival. When I pulled into my spot, about 30 feet from the little cart holder, you know…where they ask you to return your cart to, there was a cart in the spot…30 feet away from where it should be. Asshole!

Then there’s the folks who think the most convenient spot to stop is by the door right when you get into the ShopRite, basically clogging up the whole entry way. Asshole!!

And no trip to the ShopRite is complete with the mother and/or father who think a supermarket is a big playground for the kids, and let them run amok like little chicks with their heads chopped off. Asshole!

But let’s get to the 2 biggest assholes of the day. First there’s this guy, in the 25 item express lane.

The picture is kind of small but how many items do you see there (and there was another 15 already bagged and in his cart)? I tell you exactly how many there were…40. 4o items in the 25 item lane. The total number of items is right there on the display, next to running price total. I don’t understand why they can’t program the express lanes registers to actually stop when the person gets to the maximum items on the lane. Believe me, you’d only to do it a couple of times before everyone got the picture. As for this guy…he’s an asshole!

And then there’s this guy.


Saw this just as I was leaving. I slowed down, looked at the guy – and he saw me looking at him – and watched him walk away. You know what? He’s an asshole?

But the question is, who’s the bigger asshole? Express lane dude or 2 space parking lot dude? I will leave it up to you decide. Hey, and the next time you go to the supermarket, please don’t be an asshole. The world is already filled with them.