You’re The Best

Posted by: on Jan 30, 2015 | 2 Comments

This past Thursday was my birthday. My oh so wonderful daughter posted this on facebook: Happy Birthday to the coolest dad (source: var.), the man, the myth, the legend. She went on to add some very nice things, which she should, being that I am “the coolest dad” (where’s my sarcasm font when I need it?).

OK, admittedly, I am a cool dad. Sometimes I think I’m a bit too cool…but let’s not get into that right now. On any given day, you can log-on to facebook to see wonderful birthday wishes for someone you are “friends” with. Most likely they are the greatest _________ (fill in the blank) ever. The greatest dad, mom, son, daughter, and the list goes on. I hate to tell you but all of you people cannot be the greatest fill in the blanks ever. I know I’m not. I’m not the world’s greatest dad. Would be hard to be the coolest dad and the greatest dad at the same time (again….sarcasm).

I find these exclamations of greatness more than a bit trite, way overdone and most are bullshit. Because I suffer from a severe case of Peter Pan Syndrome, and because I’m pretty good at communicating with young adults, they like to talk to me. Without mentioning any names, I can honestly tell you kids have complained to me about their parents one day, and proclaimed their mom or dad the greatest ever the next. Some of those kids are now in therapy due to parental issues, and I know a few more who should be in therapy instead of talking to me!

When your birthday comes and you log-on to facebook to see yourself proclaimed the greatest fill in the blank ever, just remember that the social media world is filled with millions just like you, and the reality is you are probably not the greatest fill in the blank ever. Hopefully, you are a pretty good fill in the blank. The only thing for sure is you are not the coolest the dad. That title is already taken.



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